The Skye POS

Are you looking at getting a convenient reliable and POS device to boost the sales of your retail shop, school, fuel station or other businesses? Do you plan to create convenience for your members to pay dues, offerings or fees? Or are you interested in driving collections for your state IGR, distribution business or pay on delivery business?

Then the Skye Bank POS should be your preferred choice.

This is in view of the following advantages:

  • Efficient support which guarantee timely responses to complaints
  • Online monitoring using our  state of the art POS monitoring console
  • Usage of applications which guarantee the latest technology and guarantee speed and ease of transactions

 Features of the Skye Bank POS:

  • Instantaneous email alert on successful transactions
  • Daily notification of successful transaction breakdown
  • Option to receive international card payments without deploying additional POS
  • Customizable to meet specific requirements (e.g. entry and reporting of additional payment details)
  • Options to make additional income through bills payments, cash back, and other value added services
  • Acceptance of all card types issues in Nigeria

Benefits for using POS:

  • Convenient means of payment for customers thereby increasing sales
  • Improved accounting and reconciliation for sales / collections
  • Improved security due to reduced handling  of cash
  • Ability to generate electronic receipts for payments

How to apply for a Skye Bank POS:

  • Open a current account with Skye Bank
  • Complete the POS request form (you can download from the link below :
  • Submit the form to your account officer or the customer service officer at your branch

The POS will be deployed within 5 working days of receiving your request in Lagos (allow for three extra working days outside Lagos)


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