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Our Career Advancement Philosophy

Knowing that perfect staffing leads to optimum returns, our competency framework and talent management scheme allow employees have a clear view of what deliverables are, coupled with the performance management and employee development provision which is tailored towards identifying and developing individualized career goals. Our staff members have the opportunity to work in areas where their skills are best fit, hence building a succession pipeline for the Bank.



Skye Bank is a leading financial institution rated among the top 5 banks in Nigeria. We offer excellent banking services, anchored by our team of seasoned and dedicated staff members working in an enabling environment.

To continue to motivate our existing staff and attract prospective candidates, whether fresh Graduates or experienced professionals, we provide limitless opportunities in the areas of Career Management, Learning and Development, Performance Management, and Compensation/welfare/benefits which form our employee retention  tool.

Career Management (-)

  • With the use of a Competency and Talent Management framework, our employees are rightly placed on the right jobs and have a clear understanding of what their deliverables are
  • Based on their competencies and proficiency, they are open to other challenges which either provides enrichment or rotation to other jobs based on agreed plans and exigencies
  • Both Fresh graduates and Experienced Professionals benefit from this scheme


Learning and Development (-)

Our employees enjoy participation in various developmental programs that prepare them for the next level of performance. Foreign and Local Courses and Workshops are explored:

  • Technical/functional Courses
  • Leadership Development program
  • Executive Development Programs from Lagos Business School; Harvard Business and INSEAD

Performance Management (-)

  • Periodic appraisal of our organizational goal is measured bi-annually on perspectives of the balanced score card, which focuses on financial, process, learning & growth and customer centric achievement by staff at all levels.
  • Our people enjoy relatively steady progression through our job grades subject to exceptional performance exhibited within specific periods. Other rewards and benefits are enjoyed by performers.

Rewards and Benefits (-)

  • As a performance driven bank, we reward consistent exceptional value creation by our staff to customers. Our employees stand a chance to benefit from a list of competitive incentives as a way to commend their hard work. Some of our rewards to staff include, but not limited to:
    • Performance Bonus (Share options)
    • Performance Bonus (Monetized)
    • Sponsored Professional Subscription
    • Sponsored Club Subscription
    • Low Interest Staff Loans
    • Free Medical Check Ups (on Health Week)
    • Other Incentives like token for Birthdays and Marriages; Special Leave days, Study Leaves, and more.

The following are strategic functions you may wish to apply into:

  • Aviation and Maritime
  • Corporate Banking and Investment Group
  • E-Channels
  • Financial Control
  • Human Capital Management
  • International (Foreign) Operations
  • International and Multilateral Funding Group
  • Legal Services
  • Risk Management Group




University and Polytechnic students seeking internship opportunity in relevant job families in the organization can apply to the Bank.

  • NYSC

Graduates, irrespective of discipline, seeking to embark on their National Youth Corp Service primary assignment in the Bank are welcome to do so, provided all requirements of the NSYC Board and those of Skye Bank are met.

  • SURP

Skye Bank, in partnership with universities, headhunts for graduates that come out outstanding in their studies for the purpose of employment into the bank’s workforce. Successful Candidates at the Bank’s SURP aptitude test enjoy:

  • Internship placement with the Bank during Pre-NYSC period.
  • Assessment Centre to expose strengths and weaknesses of candidates for further leverage or development
  • Opportunity to embark on the NYSC Primary Assignment with Skye Bank
  • Opportunity to transit into the Skye Graduate Scheme


Skye Graduate Scheme

This scheme affords graduates to opportunity to launch their Banking career in a dynamic, challenging, motivating and rewarding environment. If you meet specific recruitment requirements outlined for admission into the recruitment process for this level, you will pass through an interesting yet rigorous recruitment phases and a rotational plan that would expose you to the requirements and realities of the banking, service and other financial industry. You will undergo the following phases:

  • Computer Based Aptitude Test (CBT)


  • Skye Bank Assessment Centre (SAC)
    • This phase combines simulation of various real-life activities that allows you to play a challenging role that requires you to work in a team, brainstorm on cases and articulate presentations on your solution. This affords you the avenue to sell your skills as an applicant and note areas for development for your level and also informs us of your strengths and weaknesses, as the case may be.


  • Skye Graduate Intensive Training (SGIP)
    • The SGIP is a certificated 9-week intensive training which you would attend – at the Skye Business School – consequent to your success at the SAC. During this program, you will access a bouquet of courses that will expose you to cutting edge skills that would serve as your enabler to thrive in the Banking, Services and other Financial Services Industry.


  • Rotation Plan
    • You will be admitted into a bi-annual rotational plan powered by our career management and talent frameworks that provides opportunity to work in other functions within the bank, during which you will undergo various on-the-job, mentorship & leadership developmental programs that will be beneficial to your personal and organizational growth.

Experienced Professionals

Our culture and people management philosophy coupled with our rewards system and career management frameworks distinct Skye Bank as a great place to work. With these, we are positioned to give you a one-stop experience in your quest for excellence leveraging our performance driven and Learning & Development enabled environment. On joining our team, you will enjoy access to the following and lots more, to jump start your career and make your experience with us more fun:

Orientation program

The experience from this program affords you the opportunity to adjust to the cultural change that ensues from your transition to Skye Bank as you would learn more about our people, culture, corporate strategy, functions and policies. You will have an overview of the value chain that flows from various core functions of the Bank.

Core Functions in the Bank

If you have relevant experience in any of the following core functions of the Bank, we would be glad to leverage and develop your incumbent skills for the benefit of all stake holders. Below are job families within the Skye Bank Group:

Risk Management (-)

Technology (-)

  • Information Technology (Infrastructure & Management)
  • E-Business

Sales & Marketing (-)

  • Commercial Banking
  • Retail Banking
  • Aviation & Maritime
  • Corporate Banking
  • Corporate Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Franchise and Revenue Collections
  • Treasury
  • Domestic Cards
  • ATM & POS/Web/Mobile
  • etc

Operations Management (-)

  • Branch Operations
  • Trade Services
  • Money Transfer
  • Settlements
  • Reconciliation
  • E-Business Operations
  • Treasury Operations
  • Revenue Operations

General Resources & Management (-)

  • Company Secretariat
  • Procurement
  • Property Management
  • Administrative and Support Services

Business Analysis & Strategy (-)

  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Service Quality Management

Human Resources (-)

  • Manpower Planning & Recruitment
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Employee Relations & Welfare
  • Learning & Development
  • HR Strategy

Financial Resource Management (-)

  • Financial Control
  • International Funding
  • Multilateral Funding & Embassies

Communication Management (-)

  • Internal Communication
  • External Communication

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