Credit Cards

Skye Bank Visa Naira Credit Card is a real credit card issued in Naira based on your credit score.

Debit Cards

Skye Bank MasterCard Verve (Naira denominated) is issued when a current or and individual savings accounts is opened.

Prepaid Cards

Skye Bank Xplorer card is a pre-paid card created by Skye Bank for the banked and unbanked.

What is 'My Preferred SkyeBank Homepage' Feature

'My Preferred SkyeBank Homepage' feature is meant to enhance your browsing experience as a Skye Bank website visitor. You can select either the Personal Banking, Business Banking or Institutional & Government Banking mini-portal of the website as your default/preferred entry point to the website. On your next visit to our website, you will be automatically re-directed to your selected mini-portal.

If you do not enjoy this feature and want to turn it off, simply de-select (if already checked) the check box at the bottom of your selected mini-portal homepage. Turning this feature off will turn it off for anyone who uses your Web browser. You can at anytime re-enable 'My Preferred SkyeBank Homepage' feature for your browser by selecting the check box at the bottom of your preferred mini-portal homepage.