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Skye Bank PLC has repositioned her local money transfer by redefining the standards, expanding the features and presenting an organized platform with strong professional ambience.

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Skye FlitCash Unit,
Skye Bank Plc,
Plot 708/709, Adeola Hopewell,
Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tel: +234 1 2793565 | DL: +234 1 2793571 | Ext: 1189

The product has principal features:

Skye FlitCash Local

It is an innovative means of local money transfer that allows transfer of money across Nigeria boundary in one second. For both Account holders and Non-Account holders.

Why the name FlitCash?

  • The word Flit is apt to the service our new LMT service is expected to provide. It depicts a fast and efficient service
  • Flit has a rhythmic effect with the concept of our brand name ‘Skye’ as our numerous customers fly money across Nigeria in seconds.

Benefits of Skye FlitCash to prospects

  • It entails the use of Scratch Cards called Skye FlitCash Scratch Cards.
  • Reduce the risk of PIN Code exposure and enhance the security of the money transfer transaction.
  • Continuous fliers (brand perpetuation) in the hands of our numerous customers
  • Form a basis for possible loyalty scheme in promotional periods
  • Non-Interruption of service delivery even during telecoms hiccups

Skye FlitCash Online

The provision of FlitCash Online services internet banking is to create an easy means for customers to execute banking transactions from the comfort of their homes and offices or even from outside the country.


How may we help you?

0700 75932265
0806 988 0000
01 4482 100
01 2705 850


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