Skye Rainbow Savings Account

A special savings account for children (0-17years) opened by Parents/Guardians who wish to imbibe a savings culture in their children. The account enables children to save and learn the value of money as well as develop a savings culture early in life.

Download our SkyeXperience App and set up a Standing Order Instruction from your mobile device and watch the funds build up.

Click here to open a Skye Rainbow Account online in less than 10minutes.

Go to App Stores to download SkyeXperience.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Opening and minimum operating balance of N1,000
  • Special Interest of up to 1% above normal savings rate
  • Issuance of debit card on parents request
  • Opportunity to save regularly with Standing Order
  • Opportunity to participate in special competitions to win exciting prizes

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