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Skye Bank is committed to doing business in a sustainable manner while caring also for the environment and community in which we do our business. We work to advance environmental and social progress by conducting our business in a way that creates value for our customers, employees and communities. 

Serving our clients and encouraging viable development is based on our commitment to innovation, responsible finance, and building sustainable partnerships. We seek to strengthen the connection between environmental, social issues and global finance. We are advancing sustainable growth and enabling responsible environmental solutions for our clients and our operations.

We do not only ensure that our activities do not negatively impact the environment, but we also contribute our part to reducing global warming and climate change by supporting activities aimed at reducing the level of carbon emissions and undertaking steps to control our own carbon emissions.  The Bank has a screening toolkit as part of the credit appraisal process to select suitable projects, capture transaction risks and recommend strategies for managing the environmental and social risks associated with our lending activities. 

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